Risk Managements in Forex Trading

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Risk Managements in ForexForex trading can be profitable and loss-making at the same time. Traders may be able to earn much profit if their speculation is right. On the other hand, some traders fail and get high amount of loss. To minimize the risks of getting loss in Forex trading, there are three essentials in risk management:

Don’t trade all capital in your account

New traders have to know that you don’t have a need to trade all money in your account in Forex trading. In this case, the amount of money you can trade depends on the margin or leverage. For instance, although you have $100,000 in your account, if the leverage is 1:100, you only trade in $1,000. Trading all capital in a Forex account is absolutely risky and not suggested.

Determine stop loss and target profit

One of the best ways to manage risk and prevent loss is by determining stop loss and target profit. With stop loss, your loss is not too significant. For instance, when you buy USD/JPY at 101.7, your stop loss is 101.6. Meanwhile, target profit is also important to get the realistic amount of profit because you shouldn’t be greedy in Forex trading.

Be sure to choose a reliable Forex broker

Additionally, choosing the best broker Forex Indonesia is obviously crucial to minimize the risk of Forex broker scams. Some essentials that must be taken into consideration are the age of company, trading platform, spread, margin and leverage, and many more. You may also talk to potential broker about Forex education and guide.

Traditional Wines in Indonesia

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Beer pletokRegions in Indonesia certainly have its own unique both in terms of customs, language, and dress the area and customary home. Typical food offered was of course varying; there is a sweet flavor, spicy, salty, and sour. In addition, typical in every region in Indonesia was identified with its traditional beer.

Beer pletok

Jakarta commonly known as a metropolitan city as the skyscraper buildings and busyness of the population that never goes out. On the other hand, the city that made the monument as a tourism icon is also known for its traditional beer. What? Beer pletok. Pletok beer is a beverage made from spices such as ginger, pandan leaves, lemongrass and stewed. Beer pletok has produced a brownish red color of the wooden cup. Sweet, warm, and slightly spicy become the identity of drinks that can accelerate blood circulation, overcome stomach pain, arthritis and restore this.


Once you visit BaliGetAway to find the best accommodation in Bali, you should enter brem as their beverage when you taste to Bali. Brem is a drink made from fermented glutinous rice with yeast. You could say this brem is one thing that should exist in religious ceremonies and Hindus. However, heated beverages are not recommended for those who are religious Muslims.

Nira Tuak

Nira Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the sap of palm trees such as palm, palm, and coconut. It can be said is typical Batak traditional beverage. According to information circulating, Nira Palm wine has alcohol content of approximately 4 percent.

How, if you are interested in trying the beverage warmers typical of Indonesia?


Some Factors that Make People Want to Study Abroad

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Study Abroad3Selecting a University within the country might have been smart enough factor; particularly thinking about the quality of colleges within the country today has been progressively improved somewhat or improving.

Having a broad community. Colleges abroad can’t be refused to simply accept pupils from parts of the planet, particularly the well-known and well-known college. The variety of nations within the university is why the country is involved since then their community could be more substantial.

Grant. Another cause might be simply because they obtain a merit grant both academic and non-academic from international colleges. Grant is acquired whether funnel in the prior college and enrolls her scholarship in the college.



Acquire language skills. There’s also cause in order to build up their language skills, particularly English. This routine isn’t prone to help conversational and written ability in English.

Which makes it as a stepping-stone? About The other-hand, there’s also research abroad together with the purpose of which makes it like a stepping-stone. The purpose? Yes, without doubt somebody having a background-image of study in England, America, or Philippines is very excellent, particularly in his capacity. This problem makes the simple international college students to obtain a career, particularly businesses in the United Kingdom.

Incidentally, what is your justification? Do just like above?



Novotel Lampung’s Facilities to Satisfy Guests

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Novotel lampung2Choosing Lampung as your vacation destination is the right decision. This is not because Lampung has wonderful tourist attractions, stunning, exotic, and still very natural, no less from those in other parts of the world.

Not only fitting for the holiday, but also Lampung is perfect for your business purposes. Because there are many hotels in Lampung that will spoil or support your goals, as well as provide facilities or other.

However, both for leisure or for business purposes, it would be better if you book one of the hotels in Lampung before departure. In this case, it is advisable to choose the Novotel Lampung is located on Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 136. Why? Peek reason below.

Guests with a vacation destination. The hotel will pamper you with a variety of facilities that is not likely to make you feel very comfortable and at home during the holidays or stay.

  • Hot tub. Hot tub is a rather small -sized pool that can relax the body and mind. This is usually a hot tub that uses warm water and some are using water from the pool walls encouragement.
  • Swimming pool. You can relax your mind with a swim in the indoor pool or outdoor Novotel Hotel Lampung offered.
  • Spa. During your stay, you can still take care of your beauty. Because, this 4-star hotel provide spa facilities.

Guests with business objectives. Your business objectives will be spoiled by the hotel who received this award 3. What is it?

  • Business center. You can explore or surf the internet in the business center that has been provided.
  • Meeting rooms. There are many types of deals and rates or Meeting Room di Lampung, precisely at the Novotel Hotel Lampung. Some of them Governor, Parliament, Regent, or other.
  • LAN access and free Wi-Fi. You can also browse the internet or the area around the hotel.


Top Chocolate Brands

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Chocolate BrandsDo you love chocolate? Perhaps almost everyone loves chocolate because it really tastes good. Besides, chocolate is also believed to relieve stress and be a mood booster. Do you think so? Well, if you love chocolate, it’s surely important to know top chocolate brands, such as:


Cadbury products are very popular around the world. The operations of this British company are in many parts of the world like Ireland, United States, Australia and New Zealand, and India. This company was founded in 1824 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Now, it is headquartered in Uxbridge, London under the management by Irene Rosenfield (CEO and Chairman. Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar is one of the most popular products of Cadbury today. This chocolate bar was first introduced in 1905 and now is marketed worldwide.

Ferrero Rocher

When it comes to sweet chocolate, people will remember Ferrero Rocher. The Italian-based chocolate that is undoubtedly very famous is manufactured by Ferrero S.p.A which was founded in 1946 by Pietro Ferrero. The manufacturer is headquartered in Alba, Piedmont, Italy. Commonly, Ferrero Rocher is used as valentine’s gifts. If you are looking for a kind of bouquet with the Rocher inside, you can have a look at the products offered by Flower Advisor Singapore.


Another popular chocolate bar brand is Toblerone. You are obviously familiar with this, right? This chocolate brand comes from Swiss. At this time, this chocolate belongs to Mondolez International, Inc. The creator of Toblerone was Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann.

Jenis Kamar di Hotel Sheraton Lampung

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Hotel Sheraton LampungBeberapa waktu yang lalu nginap di Hotel Sheraton Lampung untuk keperluan pekerjaan sekalian jalan-jalan di Lampung pastinya. Hotelnya top lah. Fasilitas lengkap dan memuaskan. Ada yang mau nginep di Hotel Sheraton juga dalam waktu dekat ini? Berikut beberapa kamar yang tersedia di sana:

  • Garden view. Kamar ini menawarkan pemandangan taman yang hijau dan indah. Luasnya kira-kira sekitar 30 m2. By the way, jenis kamar ini merupakan yang paling dasari di Hotel Sheraton Lampung. Tarif per malamnya yakni hanya 450 ribu saja. Cukup terjangkau, bukan?
  • Pool view. Dengan bentuk dan ukuran (luas) yang sama dengan Garden View, ada pula jenis Poll View. Kamar tipe ini memberikan view kolam renang yang tak kalah indahnya. Tarifnya sedikit lebih tinggi daripada yang Garden View. Anda perlu menghabiskan 496 ribu per malam.
  • Executive Suite. Nah, ini jenis kamar yang jadi tempar peristirahatan waktu itu. Luasnya dua kali lipat dari yang pertama. Tidak mengherankan kalo tarif per malamnya mencapai 1,7 juta rupiah. Fasilitasnya pun lengkap dan mewah.

Pelesir ke Lombok

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pantai2Pekerjaan kantor yang begitu padat bukan tidak mungkin akan membuat Anda menjadi jenuh dan stres. Oleh sebab itu, aturlah waktu Anda untuk melakukan refreshing dengan jalan berlibur ke Lombok. Selain itu, liburan juga bisa meningkatkan kedekatan dengan keluarga Anda.

Sebelum berpelesir ke Lombok, Anda sebaiknya melakukan beberapa tahapan berikut ini untuk membuat liburan Anda sukses dan sempurna.

Susun daftar rencana perjalanan Anda. Dua hal penting yang harus ada dalam daftar rencana perjalanan Anda yakni:

  • Transportasi. Rencanakan transportasi apa yang akan Anda gunakan untuk menuju Lombok, apakah pesawat, sewa mobil, atau pilih paket tour and travel.
  • Akomodasi. Booking salah satu Lombok Villas atau Hotels untuk memudahkan Anda ketika sampai di Lombok.

Pilih tempat wisata yang Anda inginkan. Agar tidak menyia-nyiakan waktu di Lombok, sebaiknya pilih dahulu tempat wisata apa yang akan Anda kunjungi.

  • Pantai. Jika Anda ingin menikmati pemandangan tropis, sunset, atau sunrise Anda bisa memilih pantai sebagai tempat wisata yang tepat.
  • Air terjun. Jika Anda ingin merasakan pemandangan alam nan sejuk dan masih asri dengan diiringi oleh kicauan burung Anda bisa memilih air terjun sebagai tempat wisatanya.

Tampil Modis di Usia 30-an

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30 aged womenSiapa bilang jika sudah menikah dan berusia 30-an, wanita tidak perlu memperhatikan penampilannya? Ini merupakan asumsi yang salah besar karena menjaga kecantikan itu sangat penting agar suami dan keluarga makin cinta. Nah, mau tampil modis meski usia sudah menginjak 30-an? Ikuti langkah berikut ini:

  • Gunakan produk anti-aging. Kecantikan wajah dan kulit adalah hal utama yang harus Anda perhatikan untuk bisa tampil menarik meski sudah tidak berada pada usia muda lagi. Kerutan/keriput atau penuaan dini tentunya menjadi penghambat yang membuat penampilan jadi jelek. Oleh sebab itu, jangan sungkan untuk menggunakan produk anti-aging agar mencegah penuaan dini.
  • Beli barang-barang yang berkelas. Untuk menunjang penampilan, Anda juga harus mengenakan pakaian, tas, sepatu, dan aksesoris yang bermerk dan up-to-date. Pusing karena harganya mahal dan Anda tidak mau mengganggu keuangan keluarga? Tidak usah bingung karena ada solusi belanja tas branded di Lojai. Produk fashion yang ditawarkan di Lojai dijual dengan harga terjangkau dan juga tersedia fitur pencicilan hingga 24x.

Penyebab Jerawat

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jerawatApakah wajah kamu berjerawat? Apa sih sebenarnya penyebab timbulnya jerawat? Yah, siapa tahu dengan mencari tahu penyebabnya, akan ketemu solusinya.

  • Hormon atau faktor dari dalam tubuh sendiri adalah salah satu penyebabnya. Hormon ini menyebabkan penyumbatan pada kulit.
  • Kekurangan cairan adalah penyebab yang lain karena hal ini akan memicu terjadinya penumpukan sel kulit mati yang akan menyebabkan jerawat.
  • Bakteri adalah penyebab yang lain. Hal ini disebabkan karena kulit wajah terkontaminasi dengan barang kotor yang penuh bakteri.
  • Jerawat juga bisa disebabkan karena keturunan atau faktor genetik.
  • Gaya hidup yang tidak sehat juga bisa menjadi penyebab datangnya jerawat (merokok, kurang tidur).
  • Makanan yang mengandung banyak lemak atau tinggi kalori juga menjadi salah satu pemicu jerawat.
  • Kosmetik yang tidak dibersihkan akan menyumbat pori-pori kulit dan menyebabkan jerawat.
  • Stress juga jadi sebab jerawat karena saat stress aka nada sebuah hormon yang aktif yang akan menyebabkan jerawat.

Bagaimana dengan kamu? Apa penyebab jerawat di wajah kamu?

Gurihnya Keripik Pisang Lampung

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keripik pisangDi sekitar hotel Lampung, banyak ditemui penjual keripik pisang. By the way, sudahkah Anda mencicip dan merasakan gurihnya keripik pisang khas Lampung ini? Jika Anda berkunjung ke Lampung, jangan lupa untuk membelinya sebagai buah tangan. Atau, ketika keluarga/teman Anda sedang berada di Lampung, mintalah untuk membawakan keripik pisang Lampung.

Yap, keripik pisang adalah oleh-oleh khas Lampung yang sudah cukup terkenal seantero Indonesia. Rasanya begitu gurih dan renyah dan tersedia dalam berbagai varian rasa, seperti:

  • Original. Keripik pisang rasa original ini tetap mempertahankan rasa aslinya atau tanpa dicampur bumbu pemberi rasa. Biasanya, rasanya asin.
  • Balado. Bagi yang suka sensasi rasa pedas, keripik pisang balado harus dibawa pulang untuk menikmati gurihnya rasa pedas.
  • Keju. Keripik pisang rasa keju bisa dibilang paling banyak disukai dan menjadi terfavorit dari kalangan orang dewasa dan anak-anak.
  • Coklat. Tersedia pula keripik pisang yang dibubuhi rasa coklat yang dapat memanjakan lidah Anda.

Selain rasanya yang berbeda-beda, ukurannya pun beragam. Penjual keripik pisang Lampung memvariasikan ukuran bungkus atau paketnya. Hal ini tentunya untuk menyesuaikan keinginan dan kebutuhan pembeli. Adapun harga satu bungkus keripik pisang Lampung ini berkisaran dari Rp. 10.000,-.